Folk Blasters: Exploration Station Bumper
Fall 2015
Television Bumper
On TV it can be a challenge keeping viewers tuned into the program they are watching, and it takes more then saying 'don't touch that dial' to keep them invested on staying on the channel. So one way to keep viewers interested is through the use of television bumpers, a short animation to ease people between commercials and shows. My bumper is for the fictional channel Exploration Station, and the bumper is a teaser for one of their programs Folk Blasters. The bumper itself is made from traditional illustrations rendered through Photoshop and After Effects to reflect the quick, dirty, and effective nature of the show Folk Blasters.
You know that the Folk Blasters are a parody to the Mythbusters. So when sketching that out I basically designed everything to parody the Mythbusters. making slightly off characters of the host just to help people make the connection, without telling them directly, they just know.
Building the Assets
I used pastels to make all the scenes in this bumper. excluding text, which is added in after effects. But I feel pastel was a fun material to use to represent the folk blasters, its cool to look at, lots of texture. It is very rough and messy, much like getting down to science and explosions.
Making theScenes
So I scan in the layers of the scene, and puppet each to make the scene come to life, including background parallax, and movable joints in the arms and plunger. Sometimes I add a bit of after effects magic to create an effect, like the explosion. Explosions creates a shock wave which are bubbles that sort of distort light, so you get a outline that is slightly distorted background, I create that effect digitally, mainly because it is more efficient that way then trying to replicate it through multiple drawings.

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