How To Minesweeper
Spring 2015
Tablet Application
This app is designed to teach users how to play the infamous game Minesweeper. I felt the best way to teach someone how to play the game was through making the user play the game. Research shows that basic tutorials don't work effectively on players to teach them how to play, they tend to annoy the player more than educate them. In fact they would most likely skip over the tutorial just to play the game. So the best way to teach a player is by making the game and the tutorial one. I designed the levels in this app to help ease people into the mechanics of minesweeper, starting with a simple stage and each one adding a new mechanic. It goes on till there are no more mechanics left to be taught, and at that stage my app functions as a minesweeper app, which looks a lot more appealing then the original games aesthetics. 

The sketching stage was basically 2 parts for this project, the first being Designing stages to teach users how to play Minesweeper, the second stage was visual design. For designing the stages I designed stages that would teach mechanics of the game (Tapping, The First Move is Always Safe, Guessing, etc). Design wise I was figuring out the style for the face on top, flags, and mines.

In this case I based wire frames around designing levels for teaching users how to play Minesweeper. I first designed the sketches by odd scenarios that happen in the game, but I felt I need stages that would ease the player between the unique stages, so I made stages based around the number of mines on the field. The more mines, the more difficult the stages.

With the comp I wanted to show off how the game looks, the stage is unimportant in this case. I wanted to show off the flat minimalist style. Chuck full of small details, such as subtle rotation of tiles on the edges, showing a bit of fragility because you are dealing with a literal mine field.
How To Minesweeper Stills

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