BMW Financial Services App 
Spring 2016
Mobile Application
This app is for new BMW car owners who are waiting for their BMW to be produced and delivered to their local car dealer. The goal of the app is to help the user track their new vehicle and discover all the services BMW's Financial Services provides. The app covers four stages through the production and delivery process: Your Order, Production, Transit, and finally Arrival. In the Order stage, you can review the purchase you made, viewing a model of your new car and getting details about the features and packages that you ordered for your BMW. The Production stage is a live feed that shows you what stage of production your new vehicle is in. In the Transit stage you get a live map tracker tracking your order, including descriptions of what ship carrying your new BMW and tracking where it is,  where it is going, even how fast it is going. Finally in the Arrival section it will notify you as soon as your BMW arrives, and just in case if you forgot where the dealer is, the app gives you the directions to your local BMW dealership with your vehicle.

Behind this sketch was a ton of research put into BMW Financial Services style guide. BMW FS has a very specific set of rules to follow when designing for them, so I wanted to make sure I followed them all so that my end app would look on brand. Hence the BMW tiles in the top right. I wanted to design the app to show where the user's car is at anytime they check it. And the main image displayed up top will correlate with the stage it is in on the timeline.

These are the final comps of the app in each stage. First one is rather short, and so is the last, that is because most time is spent in the middle two stages. though any of the stages can be accessed in the tabs on the bottom of the page, so if you want to see your new car, and rotate its model around some more.

Final Screens
This is the Ordered Stage screen. On this page you are free to look at the car you ordered, including a 3D model of the Car to show off to your friends.
This is the Production Stage Screen, it shows you where you car is currently in the line of production. FS supplies you with deals to protect the parts you know are being added to your car right now.
A lot of the waiting time is spent here, tracking your car as it travels across the ocean to its new home with you. Normally you would have to dick up IDs and codes to follow where your car is. This app pulls it all together and supplies the data in a live map that shows where your car is from the data fresh off the boat it is shipped on.
Finally you have the Arrived screen, the last screen you see for the order. We help you find your directions to the BMW dealership so you can get your hands behind the wheel of your new BMW.

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