Bouncing Ball Matters
Fall 2015
This project is a simple twist on the classic bouncing ball animation. The project was simply to show 3 balls of different matters bouncing. That is exactly what I did, but I wanted to give it a bit of plot to spice up the project. So I ended up with a Rubegoldburg-esque animation showing a Bowling Ball, Balloon, and Hamster Ball bouncing. The Bowling Ball being the 'straight man' of the group of balls, a classic ball that people know. The balloon works as the foil of the Bowling Ball, where it is light, fragile, and bouncy. Finally the Hamster Ball, the ball that is out of the world idea for a bouncing ball. The Hamster Ball I feel holds the most investment of the balls, for it is the most lively, the most in danger, and the most unpredictable. All balls combined makes the reason why this simple bouncing ball project is in my portfolio.

Since I was making a Rube Goldberg like animation I needed to make the assets for the contraption. So I needed the balls, the pin to start it, a make shift see-saw, and other nice little details to build the atmosphere.

Here I planned out the animation, that in general stayed pretty true through the end, only with subtle changes made. I mean read it out and watch the animation, it isn't that far off.

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