Space Scene
Spring 2014
3D Illustration
For this project I needed to create a 3D scene of 'the most interesting place to be'. When I think of the most interesting place, I think of space. I have a deep admiration for space and space travel. So I imagine the most interesting place to be was on a spaceship looking out of space. So I had to make the most interesting scene to reflect this interesting place. For space I thought it would be interesting to look at a planet with 2 moons, which feels so unique compared to our Earth with one moon. For the space ship I wanted to make it like the space ships you see in the movies, with flashing buttons and tons of dials and switches. To add a bit of character to this scene I placed papers all over the walls of the ship, carelessly taped all everywhere. By looking at the papers you see family photos, Earth news stories, and child drawings. Revealing a story of a Father who has been in space for many years now, who is going a bit mad watching his home world die as he is off in space trying to find a new planet for Earth to inhabit.
Concept Art
Finished Scene

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