Galley Identity
Fall 2015
This is a little animation to show off my self branding. First I had to design a logo. I started with current logo which is my hair and glasses, but I also wanted to try making new logos some examples being a Passion Flower, A 'MG' character, and a combination of meanings of my parents last names. I ended up keeping my hair and glasses logo, and I even picked up and updated the MG logo too as a secondary symbol for me.

New Logo Drafts
Since most of the project description is above, here I will talk about the specifics. Here I will tell the stories behind the logos. Top Left is Hair and Glasses. The logo I had and stuck with. Mainly because people like it and when they see it they think of me. I have a unique hair style, so I might as well use it in my logo, I mean it does represent me in some way. Top middle is the Passion Fruit Flower, my favorite flower. Top right is the constellation of Leo, I am a August babby so that is my sign, I love stargazing and space, not much into astrology though so that may be why this one didn't do much for me. Bottom left is the MG my secondary logo, updated now to be rounder, but at this stage it was pretty much just a M mashed on top of a G. The bottom middle takes a bit of explaining. It has to do with my parents last names, Hummel and Galley, Hummel being a name related with bees and beekeeping, and galley being related with a ships kitchen, so the logo is a mashup of the last names symbolizing me as the combination of my parents, It's a bit too deep and obscure for the general public to get though. Finally bottom right is my favorite building in Rochester, my hometown. This never kicked off because its not really me, it is just my home town.

Part of the project was animating out my logo, so I made a storyboard to show my direction, with a splashy formation of my hair and glasses logo.
Redesigning the Hair and Glasses
After the project I wanted to update it So I went and did a design over hull on the MG logo and Hain and Glasses, MG being rounded into it's own unique character, and Hair and glasses being more stylized, rather than the old design with was a photograph silhouette.

The Galley Identity
After project update
Current Hair and Glasses Design

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