Alt. Frame by Frame
Spring 2017

Couch Hopping
The first part of the Pixilation Series (Pixilation basically being stop motion with non puppet based objects), Couch Hopping is my entry to our human based pixilation project. Its a fun little film about a man who can travel through space via couches.

Clementine is the second in the Pixilation Series. This project was based around animation inanimate objects. I picked a clementine, hence the title. The reason behind the project is simply I had bought some clementines to snack on as people do, anyways when I eat one thing for a long time, I start playing around with how I eat them. So I tend to deconstruct food, the clementine was an interesting deconstruction, mainly because I only payed enough attention to clementine anatomy to know they come in slices. But if you break it down the slices are filled with these little juice filled vesicles, I mean I guess I knew they were always there, but I never really gave the mind to see how it was made up.

Home is the 3rd and final addition to the Pixilation Series. This projects task was to make a pixilation while using a graphical element. Since I am well rounded in the digital field, I chose to make my graphic element digital graphics. Home is a very ambitious project dealing with screens and reflections, and dealing with multiple small details at once. I basically had to do 2 animations, the homes on the screens and the overall pixilation. I mostly ran out of time, and had to deal with the project as the way it was, not fully proud of the outcome, yet I still think it is an interesting project to show off!

Newton's Cradle Light
The next project was Light Painting. So I made a Newton's Cradle. Light painting is a process in which the camera takes pictures with a long exposure time (6 seconds for this project), within this time you move a light to draw an image. I was able to make my project by making a 3D model of a newton's cradle and then I make a sort of CT scan of the model, and record each layer of the scan as a frame. I then put the frames into a video on my iPad, and I played the video while dragging my iPad the appropriate distance during one long exposure shot. Credit to BERG and their project 'Making Future Magic' for the technique.

The goal of this project was to create a pixilation film that incorporates some form of synchronization with a soundtrack. The music in this video was constructed out of sound effects that come out of using a Keurig coffee maker. The Video that compliments the track tells a overarching story of brewing some coffee to the rhythm of the music. Also the music isn't K-Pop in genera, it's just a punny title.

Mr.Hyde Has Gone
This is a down-shot animation and that was the project make a down-shot animation. The characters and props in this film were animated with cut-out paper puppets. The narration, music and background imagery is all creative commons. This animation retells a scene from The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, reimagined in a dark and exaggerated style.

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