Don't Look Back Orpheus
Fall 2015
Lyrics Animation
This is a lyrics animation for the song by The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (GOASTT) with the same name. The song is about the Greek tale of Orpheus trying to retrieve his recently deceased bride from the underworld. Because the song is about the Greek mythology I designed the animation to have the same aesthetics as Greek red pottery. To tie it with the band, I made Orpheus resemble Sean Lennon of the GOASTT. Eurydice resembles Charlotte Kemp Muhl of the GOASTT.

Since the project was a certain length, I couldn't animate the whole song, so I focused into a middle segment of the song, which is the core part of the story told throughout the song. In the sketches I started designing the Characters getting a rough idea of how I wanted them to look, though stylization wasn't really added, at least to the level it ended up with.

Character Compositions
When designing the characters I had to keep in mind that I had to animate them, so I built them limb from limb, so that when exported out into After Effects I have full control to puppet them and move their joints in any way that I need them to move. Here are the main characters. Orpheus a sort of young artistic sort, so he isn't that muscular, kind of a average youthful build. Eurydice is meant to be young and beautiful, beautiful enough for a god to steal her away in the underworld to be their partner beautiful. Finally is Hades, the God of the Underworld. He's a god so he is strong and muscular. Also since he lives in the underworld I gave him very dark features.

I basically broke up the animation into the 8 scenes shown, Each covering a few lines from the song with scenes and characters to act it out as it is sung.

We were required to show a rough animatic in the early stages of animation so I do have a in progress rendered out animation of the project, the assets are mostly there, just the animations are super rough draft, and mainly cover general motions that are used in the final animation.

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